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The Reformed Doctrine of Scripture
The history, divine Providence, unique accuracy & authenicity of The Authorised / King James Bible
& its underlying Hebrew & Greek Texts

Articles on Scripture by The Trinitarian Bible Society (Link).

TBS Facebook (Link)

Excerpt from The Westminster Confession of Faith 1646 Ch. 1 - on Scripture:

Nothing so completely & concisely sets forth the Reformed Doctrine of Scripture as does the WCF here: 

  • The 66 authentic books are named; the Apocrypha is excluded;

  • The Hebrew & Greek copies are vouched for as extant and true, and to be referred to in all controversies;

  • The Doctrines of Divine Inspiration & Divine Preservation are held; and

  • Popery's ideas of the Church interpreting Scripture & addition of other manuscripts, are ruled out as heresy.

Subtle Deceptions of the New King James Bible (Sermon by TWS).

List of Words Omitted from Modern Bible (per)Versions (compiled from various sources by TWS).

Doctrine of Scripture Pt. 1 Introduction (Sermon by TWS).

Doctrine of Scripture Pt. 2 Inspiration & Preservation (Sermon by TWS).

Anti-King James Bible advocates exposed as chief enemies of Christ (by TWS).


Shocking heresy "Only begotten God" in modern versions (incl. NKJV).


A Review of DA Carson's "The KJV Debate" - TBS Article 69.

(Those who want to get into the nitty-gritty arguments of Bible Versions issues will need to be familiar with this vital article, lest the cunning of the Devil's advocates prevails!)

Excerpt from Keith Piper's "Serious Omissions in the NIV Bible"

(Jesus did not endorse the Apocrypha or the Septuagint, only the Hebrew Masoretic Text)

This book is not written from a Reformed perspective but is very helpful on the Doctrine of Scripture.

"The Seal of God" by FC Payne - (The author shows the miracle of God's numerics in both creation and Scripture - This is not written from a Reformed perspective but it vindicates the Authorised Version).  (ISBN  0 908208 03 0) (The copyright owner has allowed reproduction of this book on certain conditions - see introductory pages) 


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